Jiachen Yao

Undergrad Student
Tsinghua University
yaojc20 (at) mails.tsinghua.edu.cn | jiachenyao1 (at) gmail.com

About Me

Hello! I’m a passionate undergrad researcher at the intersection of machine learning, mathematics, and real-world applications. I am currently advised by Professor Jun Zhu at Tsinghua University. I am interested in machine learning, with a broad focus on optimization, AI for Science and human-AI interaction. I am also exploring the integration of human knowledge with DL and RL (in the context of LLMs) to build more intelligent and robust agents.

During my summer intership at Stanford, I am fortunate to work with PhD candidate Jackie Yang under the guidance of Professor James Landay and Professor Monica Lam. We developed the first socially appropriate whispered voice input method using earbuds. The cross-lingual learning ability and hidden knowledge distribution in large models were particularly fascinating to me.

Research Interests



    * denotes equal contribution
  1. Zhongkai Hao*, Jiachen Yao*, Chang Su*, Hang Su, Ziao Wang, Fanzhi Lu, Zeyu Xia, Yichi Zhang, Songming Liu, Lu Lu, and Jun Zhu.
    In submission, 2024.

  2. Songming Liu, Chang Su*, Jiachen Yao*, Zhongkai Hao, Hang Su, Youjia Wu, and Jun Zhu.
    In submission, 2024.

  3. ICML
    Jiachen Yao*, Chang Su*, Zhongkai Hao, Songming Liu, Hang Su, and Jun Zhu.
    International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2023.

  4. CHI
    Yue Qin, Chun Yu, Wentao Yao, Jiachen Yao, Chen Liang, Yueting Weng, Yukang Yan,and Yuanchun Shi.
    Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 2023.

Honors and Awards

Undergrad Honors

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